At CACI we’ve been helping clients for more than 13 years with taking more control over the digital marketing activities. We have always focused on improving digital sales numbers by auditing activity, implementing best practices, training staff, setting up technology and building bespoke KPI dashboards. We know what it takes to manage programmatic and other digital media in-house.


Auditing & Strategy

What CACI can do for you:

  • 360 degree analysis of all current programmatic & display activity with a view to identify opportunities for future activity and to get and understanding of the knowledge level of internal and external suppliers currently working on programmatic
  • Thorough investigation of current technical set up with a view to see if it’s fit for purpose and if not, make recommendations to improve Marketing Tech stack (including recommendation for DSP)
  • Map data requirements against what’s currently available and what additional data is required to deliver the strategy
  • Strategy definition: set the objectives, goals, strategy and define tactical roadmap to deliver the strategy. Includes KPI framework.
  • 2 hour presentation of audit, technical and data findings and outline the programmatic strategy (refine if required after presentation)

Tech set up

What CACI can do for you:

  • Define target audiences
  • Setup connections into DSPs
  • Set up or optimise set up of adserver
  • Push audiences out to / select audiences within DSPs
  • Put in place budget caps, initial CPM bids, etc.
  • Start building audiences and segments (this will take a few weeks to get a significant amount of data)
  • Work with internal/external supplier to build dynamic banner templates
  • Implement track & measure framework; i.e. making sure all activity and agreed KPIs are tracked correctly in the analytics platform

Launch, manage & optimise

What CACI can do for you:

  • Launch programmatic campaigns after thorough QA
  • Implementation of tactical test roadmap
  • Daily management of programmatic campaigns; optimising performance and expanding activity in line with agreed performance KPIs
  • Development of KPI dashboard
  • Weekly analysis, insights and reporting for internal stakeholders
  • Based on publisher performance, recommend potential Direct & Programmatic Guaranteed Partners


What CACI can do for you:

  • Train internal team on how to run, optimise and analyse programmatic campaigns
  • Support hiring process if new team members need to be recruited to run programmatic in-house
  • After CACI have manage set up, handover all programmatic activity to internal team (or external partner/agency if relevant)


13+ years’ experience

we have been doing digital consulting for years and have been supporting clients with digital best practice implementation.

Technology agnostic

we’re not tied to a preferred software supplier, DMP, SSP or DSP. We’ll work with the supplier that best fits your needs, or if fit for purpose, work with suppliers you might already have in place.

We’ll work in your office

we have always worked client-side, helping clients build in-house digital teams.

Very strong track-record of improving KPIs

we’re focused on improving client’s KPIs, often within a very short period of time.

We know your industry

CACI have most likely worked with your industry peers as we have done work for 300+ clients worldwide in a wide range of sectors.


At CACI we take data privacy extremely seriously, you can read our complete guide to our privacy policy, or email for more information.