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Google Introduces a Health Score for AdWords

By 9 September, 2016
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Google is currently testing a new overview in the Opportunities tab in AdWords that gives advertisers an “Account Health Score for Search” as well as a top-line checklist of opportunities to improve the account’s performance.

‘Borrowed’ from Wordstream this new feature allows the user to dive deeper into opportunity insights by measuring  how well their search network campaigns are configured and providing them with top level feedback on what opportunities are still available and the potential cost increase or savings that could be made. The score is 0 out of 100%.



Image courtesy of Receptional


Health Scores and recommendations can be found by clicking on the ‘View Campaigns’ button which brings up a campaign overview. This set up allows the user to easily identify and prioritise underperforming and inefficient campaigns.



Image courtesy of Receptional


After clicking on a specific campaign, Google shows a list of top line recommendations  to improve the reach and return of the campaign. In the example below, that includes fixing a limited budget and opting into search partners, as well as items that have been completed like adding callout extensions, using conversion tracking and using a mobile-friendly site.



Image courtesy of Receptional


The old adage that one can be too close to the problem to see it is often true, even for the most seasoned marketer.  By objectively measuring the ‘health’ of your accounts using a scoring system this tool provides a fresh perspective to help improve your paid search performance. It would, however, be an over-exaggeration to say that this new level of insight could totally transform your paid search channel

Even though this development has helped cement Google position as the premier provider of paid search platforms it is by no means a total solution. Whilst the ‘Health Score’ helps to identify gaps the recommendations provided by this new tool are top line and without an accompanying roadmap for implementation, putting even more pressure on the over resourced marketer.

If you are looking for a complete picture of your Paid Search channel with in-depth opportunity analysis, recommendations and an implementation road map; Stream:20 have the expertise and experience (Vodafone, The Times, Which?, Fidelity) to deliver insight and growth.

For case studies and any further information please contact Amir Bhatti, Head of New Business: