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Fast Track your keyword expansion

By 8 September, 2011
  • Thinking

Expanding your keyword lists for PPC and SEO with relevant keywords will certainly widen your audience reach.  And as long as your average conversion rates remain high, it should lead to more sales.

But it can sometimes be tough finding new relevant keywords to add.  So here are five quick ways to help you effectively manage your keyword lists and identify the most relevant keywords for your business:

1.  It is vital that you carry out regular keyword research to stay on top of changing keyword search trends.  So, run weekly Keyword Reports to identify converting keywords and keywords with strong CTR%.  Then why not expand on these by creating different permutations.

2. You should also run weekly Google Search Query Reports to identify keywords, which are triggering your PPC ads. Your PPC campaigns are a fantastic source of data when it comes to keywords, so make sure you add all relevant keywords to the campaign in the appropriate ad group, or create new ad groups if needed.  You will also see keywords, which are not relevant, which you should add to your negative keyword lists.

3. You can also analyse competitor keyword lists using tools such as Keyword Spy and Adgooroo, most of which will have free trial periods. This is a great way to see what keywords your competitors are bidding on and what is performing well for them.  Review the lists and simply add any relevant keywords to your campaigns.

4. So-called misspelling keywords are also a great way to expand your keyword lists. Identify all your top performing keywords and create misspellings for them.  Use free typo generators such as the one on  After a period of four weeks, remove misspelling keywords with zero impressions.

5.  And finally, it is important to take time to optimise keywords regularly, to expand on good performers and remove keywords, which are ineffective.

Expanding keyword lists is easily done, but can be ineffective and expensive if the words are not chosen carefully.  So, remember, relevancy is key.

By Jay Shah, Consultant, Stream:20