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Why data management platforms are for more than just display

By 28 March, 2014
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DMPData management platforms, or DMPs, offer benefits far beyond purchasing display audiences.  These platforms have the potential to act as a campaign management tool for every digital channel, helping to target the most relevant message, at every single touch point, to every single person who interacts with your brand.

DMP data and behaviour

Data management platforms collect audience and behavioural data from almost any source – including web analytics, behavioural CRM information, transactional data and even data from outside your digital channels.  Managing and integrating all of this data in one place presents a huge opportunity to segment your current customer base, as well as your prospect audience. 

Using a data management platform to segment in this way enables you to target your messages across any channel and increase the relevance of every single message someone sees about your brand.  

This approach has numerous benefits – reducing the time it takes to get a conversion and improving engagement with your marketing across all channels to name but two.

Examples of insight

Data management platforms produce behavioural data that can be used across all of your marketing efforts. 

A golfing product retailer analysed their data and found interesting variations in conversion related to locations – visitors to their site were more likely to convert in Birmingham and Southampton.  They also observed common patterns of behaviour: spikes in searches via mobile devices following a DRTV campaign, leading to an increase in phone calls and visits to brand sections of their site.  Individuals who completed these actions were more far more likely to go on to make a purchase. Significant, interesting and most importantly, usable insights are produced – and these can be successfully leveraged when communicating to their customer segments.  

When combining first party data, it’s likely that differences in conversion rates and traffic will appear across geographical regions, gender, age groups and new / repeat visitors. These can be used to target individuals at a very granular level resulting in better performance, higher engagement and lower CPAs.

Insights similar to these give any business increased options when executing their marketing – and the more a data management platform is used, the more the data can be interpreted and these insights expanded on.   

Impact of marketing via a DMP

Using the information from a data management platform lets you super-charge your marketing effort and heavily influence that amount of traffic you’re driving to your website, and ensure that this traffic is highly likely to convert.  If you know what is likely to be of interest to a specific group of people, you can ensure that the right content is right in front of them the next time that they see a message from you.

Working in this way will ensure that you get this message through to them, whatever channel they are using when they next interact with your brand.  As time goes on, the content you’re delivering can be optimised, you can easily and accurately measure the impact that it’s making – and once something is delivering you can automate the process.

Where can you leverage these insights?

Identifying users, knowing how they’ve engaged with you in the past and what is likely to be of interest to them can be used both onsite, and in your offsite marketing.  In addition, the data that’s been collected can be used in many ways throughout your business.

Increased onsite messaging relevancy

Increased offsite messaging relevancy

Data interpretation and analysis

User recognition

Social audiences

Channel attribution

User experience

PPC retargeting

Channel optimisation

Offer management

Display retargeting




Future development work


Your website can be tailored to identify visitors, and instantly deliver the best possible user experience through giving them the right content.  The best possible offer is the most relevant offer – and this can be served up too.  This all combines to improve the conversion rate of your website hugely.

The same information and segments can be utilised when targeting social audiences, retargeting visitors through display or PPC, or in your email marketing – and will produce the same results.  The right message will be served up, which will be more clicked on and drive more conversions than any mass, untargeted communication – and give a much better customer experience.

Analysing the data contained within the data management platforms also lets you interpret your data – attribution models become more powerful, channels can be better optimised, forecasts will be more accurate, and you can ensure that all your future development efforts are made in the right place.

In a nutshell…

Data management platforms offer a realistic solution to many of the problems that all marketers face today, regardless of the channel they work with or the audience they’re communicating with.  They are powerful tools that handle the multitude of data that’s produced and is available to all of us today.  They combine this data and interpret it in a useful and meaningful way.  Leveraging this, the gap between acquisition and retention marketing can be bridged, and every campaign across every channel managed in a way that drives relevancy, engagement, conversions and revenue. They will work, and they might just catch on for all of us.


Jonathan Grail and Ruud Verdellen, Digital Marketing Consultants, Stream:20

28th March 2014