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Case Study: Which? PPC Audit & Optimisation

By 9 August, 2012
  • Case Studies


Which? were running a large-scale PPC campaign with poor campaign and ad group structure, highly inefficient spend levels and CPAs consistently over target. Incorrect ads were appearing due to a lack of keyword strategy and all ad copy and landing pages were in need of review and optimisation.


Channel-level review
A PPC channel audit was carried out, analysing all PPC activity and management
Stream:20 provided interim management of PPC channel and agency
An improved focus on relevancy, match types and top performing keywords was introduced
Untapped opportunities were identified and new initiatives scoped and supported
Account structures were optimised to drive better overall results


Under-performing keywords were paused, delivering significant cost savings
Improved user journey from ad to landing page improved click through and conversion rates
Better account structure highlighted trends and provided actionable insight
Expanded campaigns across the accounts drove incremental sales
11% uplift in sales
28% cost savings
46% uplift in conversion rate